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American Airlines Lost and Found Policy

American Airlines lost and found

While losing anything while traveling might be upsetting, American Airlines offers American Airlines lost and found. In order to help travelers find misplaced belongings, they provide a Lost and Found service. AA seeks to allay concerns by offering a 30-day search period and frequent email updates.

The following outlines AA’s Lost Baggage Policy:

  • Pre-damaged or misplaced baggage is not covered when you Speak to AA Customer Care.
  • AA is accountable for any harm they may do.
  • If an airline is at fault for misplaced luggage, compensation is given.
  • Certain things might be covered abroad even when they aren’t covered domestically.
  • If something is lost while traveling on American Airlines, take quick action and try to recall where you last saw it:
  • On the aircraft or at an Admirals Club: Make quick contact with the closest gate or Admirals Club in regards to American Airlines Flight Tickets.
  • At the airport: Get in touch with the Lost & Found division or an AA agent.
  • Speak with the TSA’s Lost and Found at security. If in doubt, report it right away to American Airlines.


How Can I Get Help for Lost and Found on American Airlines?

Use these channels to get in contact with American Airlines lost and found department if you require assistance with missing items:

  • Via Phone 800-433-7300 is the number to call for American Airlines Lost & Found. Talk to the agents, give them the specifics of your misplaced possessions, and let them know the facts of your luggage and ticket number.
  • Report Submission: Alternatively, you can report a lost item online or by giving the American Airlines phone number a call.

How Can I Report a Lost Item to American Airlines?

The steps to file a report are as follows:

  • Go to the American Airlines Official Site
  • Log into your reservation account
  • Navigate to the “Contact Us” area
  • Choose the option labeled Lost and Found
  • Complete the online form with information like this
  • Flight number and airline
  • Date of the item’s loss
  • Your item’s distinctive qualities and any identifying marks, such as stickers.
  • After filling out the form, submit it.
  • As an alternative, you can utilize the live chat option or call a live person for help.

Recall that the American Airlines Lost and Found department will examine your report and offer fast assistance in finding your lost item.

Is it Possible to Get a Refund for Lost or Delay Baggage?

Yes, American Airlines will reimburse you for Lost and found Customer service as long as certain requirements are met. If you have an urgent need for personal possessions and your baggage is misplaced, the airline will reimburse you for acceptable and required items. To receive reimbursement, provide the airline with the following details within 30 days of the delay:

What is The American Airlines Lost Baggage Reimbursement Process?

American Airlines will review your claim and may reimburse you for essential items you needed while your bag was missing, usually up to a certain amount. Make sure to keep receipts for any expenses related to the lost baggage. Navigating American Airlines’ lost baggage reimbursement process:

Lost Baggage Reimbursement

Reimbursement for Lost Baggage American Airlines offers reimbursement for lost items, subject to various factors. Provide necessary details within 30 days of delay for compensation.
Required Details Share your 13-character AA booking code, a copy of baggage claim checks’ receipt, and original receipts listing dates and items purchased for reimbursement consideration.
Deduction for Unreimbursed Expenses Any expenses incurred for lost items without reimbursement from American Airlines are deducted from the final amount if the bag remains missing.

How Can I Get in Touch with MIA’s Lost and Found Department?

Get in touch with the lost and found division if, while traveling with AA, you misplaced an item at Miami International Airport. It is located on Level 4 of North Terminal D. Every day of the week, the department is open from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Does American Airlines Pay Out If Your Bag Gets Lost?

After your flight with AA, check at the American Airlines Book A Ticket office at the airport if you still can’t find your bags. In addition, if the lost item is still missing, report it online. For updates, keep the AA Lost & Found department updated. You will receive a check for your reimbursement if the airline is unable to locate your goods within 30 days. Get in touch with the American Airlines Lost & Found division if you don’t get reimbursed.


If you lose something when traveling with AA, don’t worry. You can get your stuff back because of the American Airlines Lost and Found program. Notify the airline right away, and you may relax knowing that AA will start the recovery procedure right away. Should the item be located, you will receive it back; if not, the airline will provide a refund.

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American Airlines Lost and Found Policy
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