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American Airlines Name Change Policy 2024

American Airlines Name Change Policy

How to Change a Name on American Airlines Ticket?

World’s largest Airline, American Airlines, was established in April, 1926 and has come so long ever since. This is a flag carrier as well as a budget airlines carrier with the cheapest and convenient airline services in the country. Irrespective of your flight class and fare you can get services like, free American Airlines name change, free baggage, and free meals on some airline routes.

AA has become a household name with its accessible airline services and easy booking facilities. People looking for a budget airline service can directly call on +1 (800) 433-7300 or +1 (855) 457-7300 and get additional offers and instant discounts on their flight bookings. Visit or call now for more details for American Airlines change name on ticket and get immediate assistance.

Can you change the name on an American Airlines ticket?

Yes, passengers are allowed to change name on American Airlines ticket, both online and offline. However, these changes are subject to certain rules and guidelines. You can even get free service when making these alterations to your flight tickets under the given guidelines. A change is easy if you know exactly how to make it or whom to contact, as different departments handle different facilities. But, with AA, it is possible with a few clicks, and you will have your changed tickets in your hand in no time.

Call American Airlines For Name Change

First, using this offline method, you can directly

  • Call the AA name change number at +1 (800) 433-7300 or +1 (855) 457-7300 and ask for instant help for AA name change.
  • Calling is an effective and efficient way, as you can coordinate with the operator directly and make them understand your issues more clearly.

Name Change on American Airlines Via Website

Secondly, once you find any issue with your name and want to correct or modify it immediately, go to the American Airlines’ web page. Then,

  • Log in to your AA account using your phone number or email,
  • Now, click on the My Flight tab,
  • Then, go to the change option,
  • Now, make the required changes to the passenger name,
  • Next, upload supporting documents,
  • Lastly, pay for the change (if required) and receive your tickets via email.

Request a Your Travel Agent or an OTA

The last option would be to contact your travel agent or an OTA +1 (855) 457-7300 and seek help to change name on ticket American Airline. Usually, this option is your last resort when nothing seems to be working for you. In this case, you can call your travel agent and ask if they can change your name on the ticket, as the airline staff is not letting you board the plane. In a situation like this, your agent will directly contact the airline and provide sufficient authentication of your name and issues. After considering everything, the airline might correct or modify your name without any charges, or you might have to pay a small American Airlines name change fee.

American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines offers a flexible name change policy for both minor and major changes.

Minor Changes on Booked Tickets

AA allows minor changes to only tickets booked for American Eagle flights or American Prime itinerary. Also, the corrections are only allowed for the same PNR. free changes are allowed to only 3 letters and these are also subjected to certain conditions.

Major Changes on Booked Tickets

Major changes are allowed to tickets booked under “R” category inventory, codeshare and other flight segments. Also, these tickets will need a new PNR because changes cannot be made in the old PNR. These major changes include full name change, DOB and Gender. This comes under the AAdvantage Member Name Change – Special Exception Policy. All major changes are subject to an American Airlines change name fee.

What is the change fee for American Airlines?

The name change charges for AA flight tickets are not fixed, as they change from flight class to different fare classes. The charges fluctuate with fare, from lower to higher. For example, economy class fare types have lower name charges, while business to first class fares have higher charges.

  • For Economy Class Flight Category: $9 to 24$
  • For First and Business Flight Category: $30 to $50.

So, confirm your cost for name change American Airlines to avoid unnecessary extra costs.

Can I change name of a basic economy ticket with American Airlines?

No, passengers are not allowed to name change on American Airlines for basic economy tickets. Apparently, AA Basic Economy tickets do not fall under the name correction category. However, if your AA ticket is booked under the BE tickets fare rule, only then you can make changes to your name on the ticket. Otherwise, Basic Economy ticket passengers cannot make any changes. However, you can still contact American Airlines or American Eagle at 800-433-7300 or +1 (855) 457-7300 and request a change or more details on this.

Can I make changes to a non-refundable ticket on American Airlines?

Yes, indeed, any passenger who has booked a non-refundable American Airlines flight ticket can make a few changes to their tickets. However, under no circumstance no refund will be allowed if the passenger later cancels their tickets. Regardless of the situation, you can still get travel credit for cancellation. You can use the credits to buy another ticket with the airlines within the one year of the cancellation, or the credits will expire.

FAQs On American Airlines Name Changes

Does American Airlines allow name changes?

Yes, like all airlines, American Airlines also lets you correct your name. Although all the changes are prone to some charges, passengers can easily make their changes online and offline.

How do I change my name on my American Airlines account?

For any American Airlines name change on ticket, you can call the AA official number at +1 (800) 433-7300 or +1 (855) 457-7300. Connect with customer service or visit the website; any method will work for you.

What is AAdvantage Member Name Change – Special Exception Policy?

The AAdvantage Member Name Change is a special expectation policy for itineraries falling under AA, AA*(codeshare). All the new itineraries must only be AA Prime to be eligible for this option. Under this policy, passengers are allowed to change only one name, which will be changed only on the new PNR.

Can I change my name on a nonrefundable American Airlines ticket?

Yes, nonrefundable tickets are allowed changes. However, after the changes, you cannot cancel or get a refund for the same tickets.

Do basic economy tickets with American Airlines allow name changes?

No, basic economy fare classes have no name change options. If you have made any error or omission in your name, you might have to cancel your ticket and book a new one. Although you can contact the AA helpline number +1 (855) 457-7300 and request a change.

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American Airlines Name Change Policy 2024
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